nedjelja, 31. ožujka 2013.

Dancing in my mind..

Well, I guess it's about time for me to write something about DANCE.
Dance. It's a big part of my life, maybe even the biggest knowing that I'm a ballet and a street-HipHop dancer. I even do contemporary dance but that's my own thing, just for fun.
But Dance, it's not just a physical act, at least not for me. It is so much more than that. I dance when I'm happy, when I'm sad, bored, angry, terrified.. I just let music take all of my emotions and turn them into dance. I'm not holding on to a choreography or anything, I just let myself go, and that's when the real Dance comes. The most important thing is the music that makes you move. And if you're gonna DANCE, you gotta do it with heart, you gotta love doing it. Cause remember..

Dance is like soul screaming. Screaming to get out of the skin and fly to bigger expanses, only sky is the limit.

101 reason to fly away

On this world, there a lot of things to make us upset. To distract us from our choices and even dreams. It could be just small things to upset us, to distract us for just a little while, but when they all come together as a bigger distraction, it can destroy us, make us fly away. So I'm wondering, what it takes to make us fly away? As people, it's in our nature to keep things inside, to handle to much and suffer till we explode. And I'm not talking about just a smaller burst of emotions when we are upset and we just scream it all out or something. I'm talking about keeping bigger things inside, things that matter for a very long time and when we can't keep it in anymore, no matter how hard we try, we fly away. All of those humiliations and distractions of our succes, we just get rid of them. And it's not easy, but it somehow just becomes. It's like we can handle a 100 of those little things, till that 1 which crosses the line. And that's the one that matters. It could be something big, something small, but at that point, it doesn't matter. That 1 was just an excuse...
An excuse to fly away.


Hi, my name is Ana, I'm an average teenager with an average life, but one thing that's not average about me is my mind. I'm full of ideas and dreams and don't know where to put my thoughts. So yeah, I started a blog. I hope you'll read it and have at least a bit of fun doing it